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"I've only heard amazing reviews about your session! The boys were apparently a little against joining it but heard they ended up loving it more than the girls. The parents also loved you and your enthusiasm. I don't think we'll have any problems filling your enrichment classes next fall." - Program Coordinator, Valle Verde Elementary

Does your child love to dance? Can't sit still when music comes on? Then they are ready for FUNKMODE Hip Hop and Breakdance! Students will build their confidence while learning various Hip Hop dance styles in a positive, encouraging atmosphere. We have developed a unique curriculum to ensure they will learn musicality, choreography and performance skills each week, while using their own creativity and personal expression. This empowering dance style is great for girls and boys because Hip Hop is for everyone!

Students will demonstrate what they've learned with an in-class show on the last day of the session. To prevent distractions for the children, no parents are allowed in the classroom during class time.



*Register online w/FUNKMODE
*Register through school/city

- Bancroft Elementary*: Mon 2:50-3:50pm - FULL
   1/14-3/25 (7 weeks) - No class: 1/21, 2/4, 2/18, 3/11

Gregory Gardens Elementary*
--- Winter Session - 1/23-3/20 (9 weeks)
K-5th Grade: Wed 12:35-1:35pm
TK/K: Wed 1:55-2:40pm
--- Spring Session - 4/17-5/29 (7 weeks)
K-5th Grade: Wed 12:35-1:35pm
TK/K: Wed 1:55-2:40pm

Happy Valley Elementary*: Th 2:45-3:45pm
   4/18-5/30 (7 weeks)

Holbrook Learning Academy* (Kinders): Mon 1:45-2:45pm
   4/15-5/20 (6 weeks)
Holbrook Learning Academy* (K-5th Grade): Mon 2:55-3:55pm
   4/15-5/20 (6 weeks)

KLA Schools*: Mon 2-3pm

- Lafayette Community Center*: Wed 3:30-4:30pm
   4/17-6/5 (8 weeks)

Lafayette Elementary*: Fri 2:45-3:45pm - FULL
   4/19-5/31 (7 weeks)

Las Juntas Elementary*: Fri 2:40-3:40pm
   2/1-3/29 (8 weeks) - No class: 2/15
   4/12-5/31 (7 weeks) - No class: 5/10

Monte Gardens Elementary*: Th 2:45-3:45pm
   Winter Session: 1/17-3/14 (9 weeks)
   Spring Session: 4/11-5/30 (7 weeks) - No class: 5/9

Parkmead Elementary*: Mon 2:40-3:40pm
   2/11-5/6 (11 weeks) - No class: 2/18, 4/1

- Pleasant Hill Elementary*: Tue 2:50-3:50pm
   4/9-5/28 (8 weeks)

Sequoia Elementary*: Wed 1:45-2:45pm
   2/27-5/8 (10 weeks) - No class 4/3

- Seven Hills School*: Wed 3:30-4:30pm
   2/27-5/15 (10 weeks) - No class : 4/3, 4/24

Springhill Elementary*: Tue 2:45-3:45pm
   1/15-3/26 (11 weeks)
   4/16-6/4 (8 weeks)

- Strandwood Elementary*: Th 3-4pm
   4/18-5/30 (7 weeks)

Tice Creek School* (K-5th Grade): Mon 3-4pm
   1/28-3/25 (8 weeks) - No class: 2/18

Valhalla Elementary*: Fri 2:50-3:50pm
   Winter Session: 1/11-3/1 (7 weeks) - No class: 2/15
   Spring Session: 4/12-5/31 (8 weeks)

Valle Verde Elementary*: Tu 2:40-3:40pm
   3/19-5/28 (10 weeks) - No class: 4/2

Vista Grande Elementary* (Kinders): Th 12:40-1:40pm
   3/7-5/9 (8 weeks) - No class: 3/14, 4/4
Vista Grande Elementary* (1-5th Grade): Th 3:10-4:10pm
   3/7-5/9 (8 weeks) - No class: 3/14, 4/4

Wood Rose Academy Preschool*: Th 11-11:45am
   4/11-5/30 (8 weeks)

We also teach at Middle Schools and High Schools for weekly classes, special events and workshops.


Our homeschool and charter school students have the option of attending specially arranged classes during the day time. These classes are also in Hip Hop and Break dancing and last one hour, once per week. Our students in this program come to us from educational establishments such as FAME Charter School, Venture Independent Study, Visions Charter School and HEARTS Homeschool.

If you are interested in having FUNKMODE start a program at your school, please contact our ASP coordinator Cara Young at


ASP student on show day
(Yes, that IS a fabulous homemade FUNKMODE t-shirt.)