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C-Bass (pronounced Sea bass, like the fish) is in his first year of miniMODE. He is ten years old, has been taking FUNKMODE classes for six years, and loves Hip Hop. His journey through FUNKMODE is a long one, but here are the most important details.

C-Bass was four when he went to his first FUNKMODE class. He finished the session, but he didn’t want to continue with classes. Then, two years later, he changed his mind and started taking after-school FUNKMODE classes (at his school) . Afterwards, he started taking classes at the FUNKMODE studio in the summer. C-Bass took FUNKMODE music video camp, as well. Next, he nervously took Winter/Spring classes. Finally, SarahAngel of FUNKMODE suggested that he try out for miniMODE. He was unsure whether he should do it at first, but he later realized that he had a good chance of making it. So, he took the opportunity, and was rewarded for the leap of faith and hard work by getting in to miniMODE.

Getting into miniMODE made C-Bass so happy, that he dyed his hair (something he has always wanted, but had never been allowed, to do). Without FUNKMODE, C-Bass would be a whole different person. He wouldn’t (attempt to) make jokes, he wouldn’t have made nearly as many friends, and, most of all, he wouldn’t have found his miniMODE family. ALL LOVE!!!!!!


A little bit about me ...

- I love cats (I have 3 of them)
- My favorite colors are black, red, and white
- I like using big words
- I like making jokes (but I’m not good at them)
- I like drawing (not good at that, either)
- I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE books! Did I mention that I love books?
- I like to think my purpose in life is to make people happy
- I love Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream
- I like building things in video games
- Ask me for advice, and I will give you some
- I am a mix of Spanish, Irish, English, French
- Making miniMODE has been a dream come true

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