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You may think you know people. Good for you! Take all that you think you know and throw that to the side. Right now we’re talking about CFZ, who is quite the quirky enigma.

Being in miniMODE has been some of her best memories and experiences. Joining in the early stages of “miniMODE Jr.”, CFZ has been in FUNKMODE for more years than she can count. Probably eight or something. Funny how it all started with her older sister. Rumor has it that she is the sister of CutieCat, one of the founding miniMODE members. Inspired by the cool dance moves her big sis would do, CFZ signed up for a Hip Hop class. She’s been in FUNKMODE ever since.

It’s all fine and dandy how you know about her past, but CFZ is much more than a flat page. Speaking of pages, she can’t get enough of books or drawing. “It lets my imagination run wild”, she states. If you insult her drawings though, you will get punched in the face. After all, she is a black belt in Taekwondo! She’s been in Taekwondo since first grade, and getting that black belt only five years later isn’t too shabby.

Lately, CFZ has been trying to become a leader and a friend to everyone. Usually preferring to stick with her own pack, CFZ has realized that she loves hanging out with new people and wants to continue making new friends. With her fun, light-hearted conversations and caring personality, she should become a social butterfly in no time! "Now if only I could put all the thoughts in my head into a sensical sentence", she says.

While she may be challenged by converting thoughts to words, her dancing is far from unexpressive. Preferring upbeat, energetic music, CFZ lets all her energy loose on the dance floor. Her energy is contagious, screaming "PAR-TAY!" at anyone close enough to see tornado of limbs on the dance floor.

So yeah. That’s CFZ. That one person that seems to have different personalities but really is just one person with a lot of interests and a big happy smile.


Might Want To Read These Fun Facts ...

- Enjoys any animal who is willing to hang out
- Has a black belt in Martial Arts
- Is a pretty smart cookie
- Is not, however, as smart as a cookie.
- Dives right into anything vaguely interesting
- Owns several birds
- Owns two cats
- Doesn’t walk the best
- Is trying to fix it
- Interested in going into medicine
- Will talk at the speed of sound when excited
- Has the uncanny ability to find the softest thing in a room
- Has a hand motion for anything and everything

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