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"My experience with FUNKMODE has been a huge part of my life, and I will carry with me the newfound joy of moving to a beat, an ever-growing love of Hip Hop, and the sure knowledge that there are great people spreading the message of ALL LOVE in a divisive world." - Thomas A.


Breakdance 101

Here's the thing ... you've always wanted to learn how to break, but you thought that once you hit adulthood, that ship had sailed? Right? WRONG! If you want to learn to rock like a B-boy or B-girl, then we'll make sure age ain't nothin' but a number. We got you. We are running this class for rank beginners who want to learn the basics and see how far they can go. There is no specific physical level required, but you will be physically challenged to guarantee you develop new strength, flexibility and coordination. Most importantly, you'll gain skills that you've always wanted, in a welcoming environment while having a ton of fun.

Hip Hop

Whether you’re looking to pick up a few moves, get some exercise, meet new people or just have a lot of fun, we’ve got it all here for you! Each class starts with a warm-up full of freestyling, stretching and conditioning guaranteed to get your heart pounding. Then we move into choreography set to today‘s groove-worthy jams which combines old and new school Hip Hop and adds in a touch of Latin, African, Modern, Swing, House, or whatever else is blowin’ up the dance floors today. All of this is wrapped in a package that promises to challenge even the most seasoned vets while still allowing complete beginners to get a solid and fun introduction to dance. (warning: known to induce giddyness and funnessosity [yes, that IS a word])

Hip Hop 101

Are you new to FUNKMODE and wanna learn Hip Hop dance? EUREKA! We're the foremost authority on Hip Hop in these parts and, if there's one thing we're good at, it's taking newbies from amateur to awesome. In this class, we introduce you to all of the basics of Hip Hop movement, music and culture while preparing you to eventually graduate to our main adult Hip Hop class. While being accessible to even the most beginner of beginners, this class is still fun, funky and will kick your butt on the exercise end. If you're new to our crew and want to know what to do, this is the zoo for you, boo! (note: it's not an actual zoo but "class" didn't rhyme)


Pretty tough to find an actual adult Jazz class in the East Bay, right? We know, we tried. So we stopped trying and made one. Before long, one got so big, we had to make two to cover all levels of dancers. And we flipped the script on the old school way of teaching Jazz to provide a more contemporary approach to this classic style. Throughout each session we bring you HOT new music, every different style of Jazz (e.g. Lyrical, Musical Theater), and new dances to keep you excited and working hard. We begin each class with fundamental work such as deep stretching, and across-the-floors (focusing on leaps, turns, balance and form) and then we continue on into center work and choreography. Again, this ain't teachers who can't dance anymore rapping people’s feet with canes in this class. This is a young, fun, student-focused development class where NO ONE gets left behind and EVERYONE is challenged according to their ability.


Be empowered. Feel confident. It's time to own your sensuality, and embrace and celebrate your feminine energy. This class focuses on personal expression, not "getting it right". We play the best of today's music (and maybe some throwback favorites) and set it up with FIERCE moves to make you wind, pop and whip it! Come strut, strike a pose and learn some HOT numbers with us ... because sexy comes in all shapes, sizes and genders. Beginners welcome!

MOVE! Sweat

Our students know we some sneaky little fitness ninjas who use dance as one of our main weapons. That's why we created MOVE! In this class, we put you through a 60-minute cardio dance workout suitable for people of all levels of fitness and dance experience. We borrow movement from any style of dance scientifically proven to make you sweat and set it to any style of music funkmodically proven to make you MOVE! (see what we did there?) This class is light on choreography but heavy on movement. It's also light on boring and heavy on fun. Basically, if you wanna burn calories and have a great time doing it ... MOVE!

MOVE! Strength

Just like the MOVE! Sweat class, but with the addition of movements using your own bodyweight as resistance. If you like to get your cardio dance on, but you also want to work on building strength, this is the class for you.

Spring Show Live Performance Workshop

Adults ... tired of seeing the kids have all of the fun on stage. Want a chance to perform in our big annual Spring Show? Well, your opportunity has arrived. In this 8-week workshop, you'll work with FUNKMODE to create your very own scene. As with the rest of the show, the foundation of the act will be Hip Hop dancing. However, for those of you really wanting to ham it up, you'll also have the chance to take on an acting role. NOTE: Anyone in this class has to commit to being at our all-cast rehearsal at the studio on 6/3/18 (10-2pm), the tech rehearsal at the theater on 6/8/18 (6-9pm), and all three shows: Sat, 6/9, 1pm (call time Noon) + Sat, 6/9, 6pm (call time 5pm) + Sun, 6/10, 11am (call time 10am).

Tap 101

This multi-style and multi-level Tap class if for the newbies and the oldbies (okay, okay, let's just go with "experienced"). Through the classes, we will warm up those toots with some Tap drills, go across the floor practicing/learning new steps, and work on choroegraphed routines. Learning rhythm and style is just a bonus to what this class will bring. Whether you want to learn a new style to keep your feet busy under your work desk or you grew up watching Gene Kelly, this class will be flappin' good fun (teehee, tap joke).


Left cheek, right cheek! It's time to learn how to work those assets. According to the bible that is Urban Dictionary, "Twerk" is a verb meaning, "the rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner." That sounds pretty accurate! Own your body and learn how to pop, shake, wiggle, and drop through a booty based warm-up, a breakdown of individual gluteal and hip movements, and hot choreography to get your heart pumping and your backside jumping. No experience necessary but kneepads required.


Hip Hop (ages 3-18)

All of the basic dance skills like keeping rhythm, following choreography and developing body control, as well as performance skills such as stage presence, acting, and improvisation are taught through kid-friendly Hip Hop & Funk style music and movement. In these highly popular classes, we also play games, teach Hip Hop history and even hold occasional contests to create a fun and motivating learning environment for your child. Throughout the session the students work together with FUNKMODE to create an original video performance pieces for family and friends which will showcase all of their hard-earned talents and abilities. Excellent choice as a child's first dance class.

Video Performance (ages 3-15)

Spend 12 weeks creating dances specifically made to be recorded and posted online. We use all styles of popular music and movement to keep kids excited about dancing and working hard. At the end of each dance, we edit the footage together into videos that the whole family gets to enjoy whenever they want and wherever they are.

Breakdance (B-boy/B-girl)(ages 7-15)

The original Hip Hop dance! We’ll teach you all of the styles created back in the day by the first B-boys and B-girls from NYC to California. We bring it all in this class - you get waving, popping, gliding, floor work, rocking, locking and more. You’ll also get practice dancing freestyle just in case you want to take your moves to a B-boy/B-girl battle. No previous dance experience is required for the class but you’ve gotta be ready to challenge yourself. Now who’s ready for some backspins?! (Knee pads recommended and athletic shoes required)

Music Video Camp (ages 6-12)

Videos have always been a big part of what we do. Years ago, we got the idea to create camps where we work with kids to produce a music video. The immediate success of that first camp snowballed into having these camps multiple times per year, spanning over a decade while reaching tons of kids. We even had the chance to host one in Singapore! The basic idea is that kids star in their own music video. They get to dance, act, create characters, improvise and perform while also helping us conceptualize, scout locations, and costume. Older ones even assist with camera work, casting, writing and directing. The result is a mini-movie that just gets more and more incredible every year (see examples below). We record each day and the footage then gets professionally edited, resulting in a fully produced music video. Our families tell us that this video becomes a treasured keepsake that provides hours of entertainment and memories for years to come. For us FUNKMODE peeps, these camps are a highlight of our year as well. We have so much fun with the kids. Every group creates new possibilites and brings new talent which translates into truly entertaining performances. We can't wait to work with your kids on our best video yet! (Space is very limited in each camp)

Live Performance Camp (ages 6-12)

Yes, we love to make videos. But, sometimes you just wanna perform LIVE! Starting in the Summer of 2018, FUNKMODE is hosting Summer Camps where the entire focus is putting on a live show for family and friends by the last day. We're offering both a Breakdance Camp (for those who want to practice their B-boying skills) and a Hip Hop Camp (for those who want to practice their freestyling and choreography) to give you multiple options to entertain family and friends at the conclusion of Camp.