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Yous wanna learn some dancings? We wanna teaching yous some dancings! But who's gonna teach us some grammar???

Annnnnnywhatzits, here's your spot for practice videos from studio classes and instructional videos for those of you who can only visit us online.

And speakin' of you internet FUNKMODE fan people ... coming at you in 2016, FUNKMODE is producing a series of instructional videos on everything from popping to waving to dance basics in styles from Hip Hop to House to Break dance to freestyling. You're gonna love it! Matter of fact, if you don't love it, we'll give you your money back! (disclaimer: refunds only apply to free dance instructionals)


7/15/17 - Practice Video - Week 1 - Wed/Sat Adult Hip Hop - "All Nite" by Destructo, E-40, Too Short, IAMSU!

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Free Thriller Dance Instructional Video

You wanna learn how to do the "Thriller" Dance? FUNKMODE's got you covered! In this FREE instructional video, Mighty and KMDZ teach you step by step and with counts. The choreography we explain is from the original music video and falls between the moment when Michael first appears as a zombie to the beginning of the final chorus. We made this video to be short, so we don't go over each step a ton of times. But don't worry because all of the essential info is there. Just run the video back as often as you need to until you get the steps. And MAKE SURE TO WATCH UNTIL THE END, because we finish the video with a non-stop walk through of the entire choreography. Finally ... enjoy! Now you can get your Thriller on at parties, dances or just in the middle of the street. Share this video with your friends, family or whoever else you think might wanna learn the dance. Michael gave it to us for free, so we're just passing on the favor. It's all about spreading the love of dance! Get "Thriller" on Amazon @ - It's also available on iTunes.


This is our first full-length instructional presented here free for all of our students and fans worldwide. We wanted to create something that was as fun to watch as it was educational. We hope you get some new moves and a few laughs. Enjoy!

TITLE: How to Get "Low, Low, Low" Instructional Video
STYLE: Hip Hop, Comedy
MUSIC: "Low" - Flo Rida