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When K-Sri first started hip hop class, she never would have guessed how important it would be in her life. She started out shy and unconfident, and felt like hip hop wasn’t really her “thing”. Because of that, she would always try to place herself in the second row during class. Even though she wasn’t in love with hip hop (yet), she still pushed herself to dance big because that’s the way K-Sri is; she gives everything her all. Then one day, her FUNKMODE instructor (SarahAngel) told her to come into the front row. That was probably one of her biggest moments because it told her, “You’ve earned this.” As time passed, she grew to love FUNKMODE and hip hop more and more. She became a new, fun, energetic person when she was at hip hop class, and found that when she danced she felt confident and strong. This different personality slowly started carrying over into her personal life as well, and she started being more social, trying new things, and having more energy. FUNKMODE is a second home to K-Sri, and every day she is grateful for FUNKMODE and how it has changed and shaped her.

K-Sri has even created a Hip Hop Club at her school, and every Tuesday at lunch she leads the class in three warmups, teaches them choreography she has created, and leads a freestyle game or activity.

When K-Sri isn’t dancing, you can find her with her nose buried in a book, listening to music, hanging out with her two amazing brothers, and making every day an adventure.


Fun Facts About Me

- I love drawing video game characters
- I have played the cello for three years and piano for seven years
- My favorite color combo is blue/purple/pink
- I love reading quotes
- I rapped the FUNKMODE track RE: Verse
- I am a calligrapher
- I love traveling to busy cities like Paris and London
- Hip Hop has stolen my heart

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