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Kobra started taking dance at FUNKMODE when he was 7 years old. He went there initially on the recommendation of his sister, who had taken classes with FUNKMODE over the summer at Diablo Valley College. After his first class, Kobra knew this was something he was passionate about and would continue doing for a long time. This is Kobra’s third year in miniomode and he strives to be in teaching a class one day. He has taken a variety of classes through FUNKMODE such as, B-Boy, Hip Hop and their afterschool program at his school.

Kobra’s favorite thing about dancing is being able to show it off to his family and friends. Some of Kobra’s favorite B-boy moves include the “Kip”, “3 Step” and “Turtle Freeze”. He looks forward to learning more and more as time goes on. Some people say dance is a “girl thing” but Kobra says, “If people can see the awesome things I’ve learned and can do, they will change their mind. Dance is for EVERYONE!” ALL LOVE ♥


A little bit more about Kobra ...

- When he is not dancing, he loves to play basketball. He has played for 3 years and wants to play in college (hopefully at CAL).
- He loves music so much he just started playing the trumpet at school.
- His favorite color is red!
- He started taking the B-boy class at FUNKMODE a many years ago and still loves it. He loves learning all the cool dance moves and the history behind Hip Hop.
- His favorite food is STEAK, yuuuummmm!
- He loves to play video games in his free time
- He has a Chug (Chihuahua/Pug) named Hudson
- He also has 2 cats named Tiger and Furfee ... don’t ask how he came up with those names!
- He likes to try new things and will take on a challenge.

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