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"Send my gratitude to miniMODE! The audience loved them and they were a great addition to the show! Thank you to you and each miniMODE dancer for helping make the show a success! I definitely hope to work with you guys again in the future!" - Braden S.

2018-2019 Auditions - Sun, 7/15, 10am-Noon or Sun, 8/12, 10am-Noon
Open to all FUNKMODE Students ages 8-14

Email to sign up for an audition spot

... ALSO ...

Free audition preparation workshop on Fri, 6/22, 6-8pm - Email to sign up

miniMODE is FUNKMODE’s youth performance company.

The program started early on in FUNKMODE's history because we quickly began realizing the potential for some of our students to become high-level performers with focused attention and guidance from more experienced artists. Therefore, our primary goal with this group was to train them to find their greatest potential as performers and people. To that end, every year we present miniMODE with new and exciting challenges in dance, acting, video performance, live performance, producing, teaching, music, and professionalism, while expecting them to be best possible representatives of FUNKMODE in both effort and attitude.

This program is for those young ones who truly love FUNKMODE to the point where they want to make what we do their primary extracurricular activity. These are highly self-motivated individuals, ones who excel in everything they do from school to home. They are individuals who are constantly seeking to push the limits of their capabilities and want to inspire others through their hard work and dedication to improvement.

But, they're not all hard work. miniMODE plays hard too with special events throughout the year like sleepovers, birthday celebrations, special dance related field trips, awards celebrations, and other social events.

As an added bonus, every year, from amongst the miniMODE Crew we select one person to be the FUNKMODE Youth Ambassador (FYA). This person is part of a special leadership training program and acts as a liason between the FUNKMODE Crew and its youth students. Think of it kinda like FUNKMODE's answer to a Class President, just with better training, more perks and a cooler jacket!

All of this prepares miniMODE to be just one step away from becoming FUNKMODE. When the time comes for the transition, some of them can even expect to join the FUNKMODE Crew as employees and fellow performers.

If you’re interested in seeing miniMODE perform, you can watch them in our class videos, come to one of our shows, or invite them to come out to your event or party by calling us at 1-888-FUNKMODE (386-5663) or emailing

In the meantime, you can get to know our kids a little bit better by reading about each of them below in their company bios.

miniMODE Crew



- You must be a current FUNKMODE student
- You must be 8-14 years old
- You must PASS THE AUDITION (dancing & acting)
- You must make a commitment to being a part of the crew for one ENTIRE school year
- Your miniMODE commitment has to come before ANY OTHER extracurricular activity
- You must complete "SCHOOL'd by FUNKMODE" Hip Hop culture lessons, as assigned.
- You need to be available for special projects such as video/photo shoots and live performances
- You must attend the weekly rehearsals - Tuesdays, 4-6pm
- You must attend an additional FUNKMODE Hip Hop class per week of your choice
- You must have an EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD attitude, be hard working and LOVE learning, dancing, acting and performing!


miniMODE / micromode Performance Videos

Artist: Gorillaz, De La Soul
December 2017 - miniMODE

Shake Your Pants
Artist: Cameo
November 2017 - miniMODE

This Goes Out
Artist: E-40, Turf Talk
September 2017 - miniMODE

Crick Neck
Artist: Sean Paul
June 2017 - miniMODE

Planet Rock
Artist: Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force
May 2017 - miniMODE

Gas Pedal (Caked Up Remix)
Artist: Sage The Gemini
January 2017 - miniMODE

Prisoners of War
Artist: Kanye West - "Monster"
December 2014 - miniMODE

Best Songs of 2013 - Dance Mash-up
Artist: Various
December 2013 - miniMODE

Old School Hip Hop Dance
Artist: Various
Spring 2014 - miniMODE

Song: All Love
October 2011 - miniMODE

miniMODE Flash Mobbing
Artist: Various
November 2013 - miniMODE

Song: Eye of the Tiger (Live Performance from
FUNKMODE's original show "Cirque du Funque")
June 2013 - miniMODE

"Ice Cream Truck Showdown"
January 2011 - miniMODE

MINI/BMW of Concord Performance
Song: Jingle Bells
Artist: Trey Songz, Flo Rida
December 2012 - miniMODE

Song: A Little Bit of FUNK
miniMODE Performance @ KidFest in Concord 2012

Song: Pause
Artist: Pitbull
miniMODE Performance @ KidFest in Concord 2012

Old School Dance
Artist: Various
miniMODE Performance @ KidFest in Concord 2012

Artist: Fort Minor
Spring 2012 - miniMODE Jr.

Vision For A New Hip Hop
Fall 2012 - miniMODE Jr.

Planet Rock
Artist: Afrika Bambaataa
Fall 2012 - miniMODE Jr.

Song: International Love
Artist: Pitbull, Chris Brown
Winter 2012 - miniMODE Jr.

Song: Lose Control
Artist: Missy Elliott
Winter 2012 - miniMODE Jr.