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Pollo started dancing when she was 4 years old. She was first taking Ballet, but one day she realized she wanted to try something new within dance. So she found Hip Hop in the same place, so she decided to try it out. She fell in love with Hip Hop and continued to do it. When she was 10, she started to want more and especially more challenge. So, she decided to take a break and find a new place to dance. When Pollo was 11 years old she found FUNKMODE and her Dad told her to try it out. At first she was hesitant because she was afraid everyone would think of her as the new kid and she was afraid to meet new people. But when she walked in and got to know people, she felt like she had found the best place. One day in class she saw the people in miniMODE dancing and she knew in that moment that she wanted to be in miniMODE and was going to work hard to get there. So she gave dancing her full attention and time. She took the 11-14 year old class and private lessons to help. As her time grew in FUNKMODE, she was feeling challenged at the point she wanted and she felt at home. Dancing has and always will have a place in Pollo's heart. FUNKMODE has been a place where Pollo can let go and have fun; where she doesn't care what people think of her and she can be herself. Pollo is so excited to see where miniMODE takes her and what adventures come along with it.

When Pollo is not dancing, she is listening to music, hanging out with friends, reading a book, and on her phone.


Fun Facts About Me ...

- I love listening to music
- I love traveling
- I love Marissa Meyers
- I love books in general
- I love food
- I love Jamba Juice
- I love dancing with all my heart

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