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RiffRaff moved to California in 2014 but had nowhere to dance. Before she moved here she had danced every Summer with an academy. So, in secret, when her parents left the house, she would blast music and dance all out. Even when her parents were home, she would go into the backyard and dance. Finally, in the Summer of 2016, one of her close friends brought her to Bring-a-Friend Day at FUNKMODE and she was so excited. After the class, she realized she had to join the FUNKMODE family. After months of low-key begging her parents to join classes, they finally caved in. A few months later, she got to perform in her first show with them, “FUNK-O-VISION 2”. It was so much fun dancing real choreography and making new friends. After the show, she received several recommendations to audition for miniMODE. Ever since, she wanted to join and prove her worth. Now that she’s part of the crew and couldn’t be happier.

RiffRaff is extremely energetic and enthusiastic if you play any song she knows she will rock out no matter the time or place. She’ll scream the lyrics and just mess around. When she’s with her friends that’s the only thing that they do.


A little more about me ...

- My favorite color is yellow
- Music is what helps me function
- I am very energetic
- I have done dance for 10 years
- I love volleyball
- I love sketching and art
- I was born in Indiana and love it there
- I have lived in 3 states
- I have three siblings
- I love the mountains and backpacking
- I love comic books and Disney
- I want to be a photographer or dancer in the future

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