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Smalls is from Brooklyn, New York and moved to California when she was going into the first grade. She has been dancing for 10 years but her dance life did not start out with Hip Hop. She started doing a mishmash of different styles. When Smalls was 10, she found SarahAngel of FUNKMODE who took her on the path to Hip Hop. She fell in love and has stuck with it ever since then.

When Smalls moved into middle school, like many young ones, she found herself having to deal with bullies. Unfortunately, the source of her bullying was her own "friends". However, while school was a place where she felt down, when she went to dance, she didn't feel sad or alone. She says, "I was happy because that's what I loved doing."

As she got older, she found herself improving at FUNKMODE to the point where they started to take notice of her growing skills and potential. They encouraged her to audition for the miniMODE crew and, while somewhat hesitant as she had a bit of doubt about her abilities, she decided to accept the challenge. Finding the courage to take the plunge paid off, as the judges were impressed by her showing and accepted her into her first year of the squad. Now she says, "I'm here and in miniMODE and I love it!"


A little bit more about me ...

- I am definitely a mama's girl. She has taught me everything I need to know.
- My favorite color is blue.
- My favorite food is anything.
- I love cats.
- I've been acting for 5 years.
- This is my first year in miniMODE.
- I love tiny or small objects (hehe).

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