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Switch says her life truly revolves around FUNKMODE, adding "someone is always going through something". How does this apply to being a member of this special crew? She explains, "As you see people who come to school or work, or any environment for that matter, everyday, you have no idea what’s underneath the material aspect. Problems, worries, struggles. We all get that, because we’ve all been there. And on that note, we all know how good it is to forget about it. I’m very fortunate to have already found a place where I can do that. In the world we live in, we often find ourselves defined by the view of others. The type of shoes you’re wearing or the brand of shirt you have on. That’s not us. So here’s the thing, walking into a FUNKMODE class just might have been one of the smartest moves I’ve made. I find myself happy, surrounded by people who want nothing less than that for me. That’s everything to me. That’s where I can be myself. That’s where I’m loved for being myself. I hold something so special like that, super close to my heart."

Switch's journey with FUNKMODE started at the age of 10 (currently, she's 13 years old). FUNKMODE is one of the only things that has managed to be consistent in her life these past three years. For a thirteen year old, she has a pretty solid idea of who she is, what her values are, and what she wants to pursue. She says, "I love the person that I am and wouldn’t change myself even if I could." Getting to that point, was not, and never will be, easy. "Being the over thinker that I am, I used to worry too much about simple things like a missed point on a test or how I fit into the social equation. I think we often forget just how meaningless those kinds of things are. Once you let loose a little, your outlook on life turns brighter. With the help of some friends (also known as my FUNKMODE family), I managed to achieve all that and more. I’m at peace with the world, and myself. So, therefore, I could not be more thankful for having this solid support system right there. My memories with these people stretch far and wide and I hope to make many more."


A little bit more about me ...

- My dance name is Switch. I tend to be more outgoing on camera than in real life, so I “switch” personalities. Then again, that only applies if you don’t know me well.
- I’m kind of a comedian. Kind of. Making people laugh is one of my favorite things to do. I, personally, laugh at everything.
- I love smiling and hearing other people laugh
- Traveling is one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever have, and I hope to keep experiencing it myself
- I run on music. I can’t go five minutes without turning on the radio or listening to my playlist. (Kidding, I can go maybe an hour?)
- I’m not very good at it, but I love drawing and painting.
- I love all my friends so much and I love making new ones too.
- I’ve known Cornflake, another miniMODE member, for ten years now. That’s a decade.
- Photography is one of the key aspects in my life and I hardly go anywhere without my camera.
- I enjoy making the most out of every situation, no matter how small or boring.
- Buy me candles and I will love you forever
- I’m super go with flow type
- All Love ;)

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