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Talin's journey to FUNKMODE began one night as she watched "Dance Moms" with her mother. Neither of them had seen it before and they both were talking about how it would be cool to start dancing. A few days later, she got a call from her mother while at a friend's house. She told Talin excitedly, "I signed you up for Hip Hop!" (does this make her a "Dance Mom" now?) Talin was a little unsure about it at first, but once she went to her first class, her uncertainty disappeared. "I knew I was in the right place. I absolutely fell in love with Hip Hop and although I had never tried any other types of dance before, I knew Hip Hop was right for me." She has always loved dancing but she says being a part of FUNKMODE has really made her love grow tremendously.

Fast forward a few years and Talin began to stand out enough in her regular classes to catch her the eyes of her instructors. They encouraged her to audition for miniMODE and she eagerly accepted the experience. Her first audition showed the judges areas where she still had room to grow before joining the crew. Her teachers then gave her special attention over the next year to prepare her to be completely ready once auditions rolled around again. All of Talin's hard work and persistence paid off for her in the Summer of 2015, when she turned in solid performances in every aspect of her audition and made it onto the crew. She made the decision easy for the judges and now Talin is starting her second season of miniMODE. We are really looking forward to seeing her become a contributor both creatively and as a leader, as she has shown great potential in both areas. Talin is also really looking forward to the season, telling us that she is very excited for this year and the years to come.


A little bit more about me ...

- I don't have one specific favorite color
- My favorite animal is a dolphin (and I've gone swimming with them many times)
- I have very big eyes (shoutout to my Mom for that)
- My favorite subject in school is lunch :)
- I'm known for my curly hair (yes it's natural)

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