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Via is in her third season with miniMODE. She fills the role of the resident randomness of the group. Whenever we get too focused or serious, you can rely on Via to ask something like, "Do you ever wonder why hamburgers aren't shaped like stars? I bet they'd taste better!" Then, while we all try to figure out where that question came from, she's already moved on to, "I think awesome should be a color. I'd have a closet full of awesome awesome pants!"

Needless to say, she keeps us on our toes. That's a good thing too, because she's always on her toes. She absolutely LOVES to dance and is one of the best dancers in a crew of good dancers. And with each year in FUNKMODE, Via is growing tremendously. She even shows the potential to be the best in the crew one day. She's the first to want to see or try new choreography and is always excited about the next performance.

She got her start in our regular classes where she caught our eye while performing her butt off in our class videos. She always placed herself in the front row, right next to many of the other miniMODE kids. And you know what? She totally held her own. That led us FUNKMODE peeps to ask, "Hey, who's that other girl in the front row there workin' it out?" Then someone was all like, "Oh, her? That's Via. She's pretty good, right?" Yeah, she was pretty good. That's how she nabbed her audition for miniMODE, which is by invite only. However, it was at her audition that she really nabbed us. Despite being a first time auditionee, she danced with confidence and once again held her own. Despite being one of the younger members of the group at the time, she showed herself to have the talent and mindset necessary to rise to the occasion and make an immediate contribution to miniMODE.

What else about Via? Well, she's full of silliness, weirdness, and funniness ... but mostly love. She started dancing at age four and hasn't stopped. She's absolutely obsessed with Hip Hop. Her all time favorite Hip Hop dance style is popping. She can spend hours watching Hip Hop dancers on YouTube (her favorite is Twitch) while picking up some new tricks. When not dancing (and also when dancing) you can find her doing the splits, cartwheels, doing high kicks and making videos with her super cool and creative self.


A little bit more about me ...

- I'm that person that asks the obvious questions. I forget what it's called. Anybody out there know what the person who asks the obvious questions is called?
- I'm full of energy. I'm weird, yet enthusiastic and positive. I'm also silly, crazy and goofy. Did I mention weird? Oh, and I'm really loving!
- Via with a V, not Olivia with an O.
- I've dyed my hair over 20 times and it's currently purple.
- I'm Greek!
- I love making people laugh.
- I love to dance and do flash mobs.
- I love to learn new tricks on trampoline and tumble.
- I love FOOD! Pizza, ribs, spaghetti, mac'n'cheese, toast, toast with butter, burgers, hot dogs, Greek food ... like LOTS of food. (but I HATE fish)


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