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Wild was born in Seattle, Washington and moved to Lafayette, California the Summer before she started second grade. She has always had a passion for performing, from Ballet when she was very young to theater to Hip Hop. Wild started dancing with FUNKMODE when she was 11 because of her friends, who had been at the studio for a couple of years. When she started dancing, she didn’t feel comfortable opening up or being silly while she was there, but has since changed and now feels more like herself and has more fun at the studio than she does anywhere else.

Hip Hop has become a huge part of who Wild is as a person, and she loves every moment that the music is blasting from speakers. To her, dance is a haven from the judgment, drama, and pressure from the outside world. It is a place where she can be herself surrounded by amazing people who share her passion.

Wild wanted to audition for miniMODE after her first year at FUNKMODE but didn’t have the courage to do so. After her second year, she auditioned with some helpful pushing from her friends. She is thrilled to be embarking on her first year with FUNKMODE’s youth performance crew, miniMODE, and to continue developing as a dancer and as a person.


Fun facts about me ...

- I love animals, especially my two dogs and guinea pig
- My favorite color is purple
- I love having fun
- I have been acting for six years
- I have been playing the viola for four years
- I am learning Spanish
- I love traveling
- I love reading
- I love meeting new people
- I am an extrovert
- I love a lot of things!

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