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This is ZoCo’s first year with the miniMODE crew and her second year in FUNKMODE. ZoCo’s family consists of two parents, two sisters, two dogs, two cats, two dozen fish, and too many books (never mind, you can never have too many books). She’s been infatuated by dance for years, choreographing for her friends and sister at more than a hundred play dates. Her first formal dance training was ballet, which she found too gentle. She switched to Hip Hop, which allowed her to move more freely.

Hip Hop includes the things ZoCo loves best. It requires movement and balance like skiing and baseball, where she was an all-star. It has music and rhythm, and she’s learning piano and trumpet. And like school, where math and reading are her favorites, you need to study hard. This is ZoCo’s first year in miniMODE, but she loves a challenge. In fact, she’s so competitive that when she was little she would cry every time she lost at anything ... a game of cards, a board game ... anything.


Fun facts about me ...

- ZoCo is 9, and has lost all her baby teeth. In fact, she literally lost her first. It fell out when she was 5 and was never seen again.
- Her Halloween candy lasts past the next Halloween.
- ZoCo didn’t like chocolate until she was 6.
- She likes to create obstacle courses and organize races.
- ZoCo loves the musical “Hamilton,” and is learning all the lyrics.
- She finished reading the Harry Potter series in less than 3 months and loved it.
- When ZoCo was in Kindergarten, she knew the difference between transparent, translucent, and opaque (but now that she’s in 4th grade, she can’t always remember).

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